The Mesoamerican International Short Film Festival will surprise its participants by hosting live events in any and all of the countries that conform its ample, exotic and resplendent geography. From Mexico to Panama, this festival will showcase beautiful and diverse locations and offer a glimpse into a culturally and historically enriching region of the world. The first ever edition of the festival will take place in November in Granada, Nicaragua, one of the oldest and more picturesque colonial cities in Central America.

A favorite tourist destination, Granada offers wonderful amenities, colorful architecture, tourist attractions, local and international culinary offerings and the warmth and friendliness of its local inhabitants. Known for its internationally acclaimed poetry festival, Granada is an ideal spot for culturally driven enthusiasts. Planned as an outdoor theater experience and free to the public as a way of openly sharing the magic of cinema, the Mesoamerican International Short Film Festival will take places over 3 exciting days that will include screenings of the best film submissions of the year, symposiums and seminars with local and international guest speakers, Q&A press conferences with filmmakers and producers, industry parties, music concerts and much more. It will be a wonderful PR opportunity for participants and a chance to develop potential business opportunities.

The festival’s wish is to draw international film folk to an untapped corner of the world that is full of magic and potentiality and to provide local talent with the possibility of exchanging ideas and impressions with colleagues from other cultures and backgrounds. To create an environment that is both joyful and fun, but also educational, inspiring and career oriented. More details about our November event will be provided as the year progresses and we are more aware of the health regulations being set forth by the world medical community.