We are thrilled to announce the first edition of the Mesoamerican International Short Film Festival, a landmark event dedicated to the art and language of cinema.

As a platform that represents a region of the world where film production is both, burgeoning brilliantly and yet needful of on-going growth and expansion, our festival aims to celebrate the convergence of cultures and of diverse and contrasting artistic voices. Comprised of those particular countries that constitute the Mesoamerican Project, an initiative we support and whose principle aim is “integration” and the fostering of socio-cultural and economic development, our multidisciplinary platform will provide all participating filmmakers direct access to this ample and rich geographical region and create nurturing ties between foreign and local talent.

By generating sustainable relations and building a community of artists who use film as their principle means of expression, we hope to share and expand our love of cinema whilst creating awareness and tapping into the complexities of life and the human condition. Spearheaded by a notable group of talented and successful Latin producers, directors, writers and actors, our commitment is quite personal as is our involvement in every aspect of this ambitious endeavor.

The Mesoamerican Short Film Festival is designed to provide a voice to both, new, promising filmmakers and those who are more established in the industry. We believe that much can be learned from experienced professionals, but that there is equal valuable knowledge offered by those experimenting with the cinematic art form for the first time. By focusing our attention on the short film genre, we are also reaching an ever increasing demographic of independent auteurs creating exciting and innovative work. We have decided to include a category focused on films made with cellular phones, precisely so that our participants can develop narratives with lesser economic restrictions.

Our wish is to provide avid, imaginative minds the possibility to share their vision and enrich us with their powerful messages of hope, resilience, tolerance or whatever other important issues they may be tackling creatively. A special category has been reserved for those who wish to explore their ancestral origins and celebrate the beauty, relevance and power of the indigenous tradition. As inheritors of such a sacred patrimony, it seemed befitting for our festival to honor these symbols and timeless principles of life. Beyond our yearly gala celebration, we will be hosting a variety of sustainable seminars, workshops, Q&A sessions and crash-training courses, as well as providing relevant information to filmmakers, within and outside the Mesoamerican region.

Since one of our principle aims is to develop the regional film industry, we will establish long lasting relationships with writers, producers, directors and actors actively working in Mesoamerica, but will equally consider any and all film industry members from any part of the world that may wish to join our academic-driven efforts. The festival’s lines of communication are always open to those interested in sharing ideas, or proposing inventive and accessible ways to expand our understanding of film and our filmmaking experience. Our live events will sporadically move from country to country within our established region, so as to make the experience more enriching for our participants, and to allow each country to benefit from these annual film encounters.

For 2021, and pending recommendations by the global health organizations, we have scheduled our first festival encounter in Granada, Nicaragua, one of the oldest and most historically attractive cities in Central America. Our screenings will be absolutely free and open to the public, as it is imperative that all local communities benefit directly or indirectly from our events. Details will be provided very soon.

We invite and encourage all filmmakers to join us in this new and inspiring adventure and become part of our historical genesis. We are certain that the Mesoamerican International Short Film Festival will soon turn into an essential stop for those who love cinema and those who truly believe that cinema can change the way we view and live in the world.