One of the main functions of our festival is to help merge talent from various parts of the world and to bring the cinematic experience to the Mesoamerican region, particularly Central America, where much support and information is needed to develop and expand the local movie industry.

In order to achieve our goals and to commit wholeheartedly to this purpose, we need to create multiple interactive venues, where burgeoning filmmakers can meet seasoned industry players and make valuable “synergy” happen. Beyond our yearly festival event, we plan to organize on-going creative encounters: workshops, lectures, seminars, film camps, and whatever other initiatives may be helpful to deliver our message and strengthen our local talent. These activities will be held in the various countries conforming the Mesoamerican region and will involve top notch film operators and professionals.

In order for us to organize and finance our multi-disciplinary agenda, we need support from sponsors and individual donors; people who, not only believe in the power of film, but also understand the benefits that a growing film industry can bring to a society and its members. These encounters could help catapult rising film stars, position countries as film production destinations and generate work possibilities for producers, writers, directors, actors, scenic designers, make-up artists and technicians, thus providing a functional purpose to an entire film community that, until now, has had very little incentives and the tools to access its full potential.

Won’t you join us in making our work possible? A small yearly contribution will facilitate our endeavor and make real valuable changes happen. The Mesoamerican International Short Film Festival is not designed solely as a promotional platform, or a venue to project wonderful film work, but also as a means to contribute directly to the educational enhancement of our film participants. There are thousands of silent voices out there waiting to make good use of their inherent capabilities, embrace the cinematic art form and leave powerful personal legacies. Help us find and give these amazing storytellers a purpose. In a world that appears more and more insensitive towards artists and artistic contributions, it takes an army of dreamers to make the impossible happen.



• Free viewing access to all films presented yearly through our web platform.

• Free access to any virtual workshops or seminars.

• Reserved VIP seating to our yearly event, wherever it may take place.

• Your name listed as “member” on our web page.

• Mesoamerican International Short Film Festival T-shirt.

• Annual Fee: $100



We welcome any and all donations. The more support we receive, the better equipped and able we will be to develop and program smaller, but no less important events throughout the year.

Names of donors will be placed in our donor section, and, depending on the amount of support, certain programs and/or awards will be named after its corresponding donors.



For those interested in sponsoring our festival, please contact us directly and we will gladly provide a detailed list of numerous brand positioning dynamics. Sponsors can place their “logo” in our web page (which is our main base of operations) and/or in our various events throughout the year, culminating with the live festival itself. We encourage you to become part of an exciting initiative that will be seen and promoted throughout the world.

By using Film Freeway, a top ranked submission services operator representing the needs of thousands of film festivals, we guarantee that our festival’s platform will be frequently visited. Our internal promotional team will also make accessible our information to a wide range of potential participants and film lovers in general.